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Where Can I Sell Collectibles?

Would you like to turn some rare or vintage collectable pieces into cash? You might only think of Dubin Rarities as a place to sell coins, currency, stamps and precious metals. We are very active in these markets. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being the best place to sell collectibles of all kinds. For example, you can contact us if you want to sell sports memorabilia, comic books, works of art and many other kinds of collectable items. Please take a moment to learn about the wide range of rare and valuable items that we hope to purchase from the public.

Dubin Rarities: The Best Place to Sell Collectibles

If you hope to sell collectibles, we are eager to help. To get started, you might review this brief summary of the kinds of collectible items that we want to buy from sellers just like you:


Artwork – On Consignment

We want to take artwork from certain artists on consignment. We prefer recognized artists who have already had pieces sold at auctions or in galleries. We find the right private buyers or auction representatives. We base our commission upon the sales price, so it’s in our best interest to sell your artwork for the best price possible.


Autographs – Vintage/Historic
We Buy Autoraphs!

We also represent eager autograph buyers. We want to speak with you about your autographs from U.S. presidents, famous sports figures or celebrities, astronauts, military leaders and other dignitaries.


Vintage Postcards 1893-1930

We are most interested in postcards from 1893 through 1930. Let us know if you want to sell postcards that have been signed by famous artists or that feature notable sports or entertainment figures. We also hope to buy postcards that represent significant events or come from notable advertising campaigns.


Golden- and Silver- Age Comic Books

We’re always looking for vintage-era comic books. Some examples include Superman, Batman, The Amazing Spiderman, and other comic characters from 1930 to 1970.



We hope to buy posters from recognized artists or that represent important events. For instance, we can make offers for many posters from Act Deco artists, circus posters, and World War I and II posters. We also want to purchase posters from rock music events, magic shows and more.


World’s Fair Memorabilia

We represent buyers who have an interest in memorabilia from the great World’s Fairs. Speak with us about selling medals, tickets, glassware, and many other rare or unusual items.


Sport Collectibles

Let us know if you want to sell sports memorabilia, too. We may have buyers for your vintage sports cards, signed jerseys and other valuable sporting souvenirs.

Why Sell Sports Memorabilia and Other Collectibles to Dubin Rarities?

We know you have options when you decide to sell collectibles. However, we’ve maintained a reputation as a fair buyer and seller of vintage pieces of art and other kinds of collectibles for over three decades. We hope to help educate you about the value of your pieces and offer you the highest prices. After you speak with us, we believe you’ll agree that Dubin Rarities is the best place to sell collectibles.

If you have pieces to sell, get started right away. Learn more about us on our collectibles page. You can contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’re eager to hear about your valuable pieces.