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When you decide to sell rare stamps, we hope you consider selling them to Dubin Rarities. For more than 35 years, we have established our name as a fair dealer in rare stamps and other collectable and precious items. Both buyers and sellers trust us to buy and sell stamp collections and single, rare stamps. Please take a moment to learn more about the kinds of stamps and stamp collections we purchase.

What is a Collectable Stamp?

Here are a few examples of the stamps we typically buy:

Quality foreign stamps and stamp collections from 1840 to 1949: Examples include stamps from the British Empire, Great Britain, Asia, Germany, Italy, Central and South America, and other rare sets or single stamps from foreign countries.

United States stamps pre – 1929: We seek rare U.S. stamps in mint or used conditions. Some examples include: mint Scott #1 to #617 from 1847-1925; used Scott #1 to #313 from 1847 to 1903; Graf Zepplin Airmails; better U.S. Revenue stamps; and many other sets and singles in used or mint condition.

Today the condition of your stamp is much more important than it was fifty years ago. Back then there were mint and used values. Today, stamps are numerically graded on a scale from 1 to 100, with 1 being the lowest grade. There are many factors that determine the value of a mint stamp: centering, original gum, hinged or not hinged, full unbroken perforations, and freshness of the original color. On used stamps, centering, sound perforations, lightly cancelled and original color.

Why Sell Rare Stamps to Us?

At Dubin Rarities we have sold over 5 million dollars’ worth of rare United States and foreign stamps, setting several world records for prices realized at auction. We have over 35 years’ of experience, handling some of the world’s rarest stamps. We have the resources and expertise to attain the highest prices for your single stamp or complete collection.

Working with Dubin Rarities is simple: to get started, use our contact page to find our phone number, email address and location. We are located in Barrington, Illinois, and you can make an appointment to meet us in person for a free verbal appraisal of your stamps or collections.

Contact us today to learn more!